Retal International Center for Perfumes and Cosmetics

We have successfully opening the first international center for Retal Perfumes in Kuwait in 2013 where he worked as a private place to manufacture products global company Retal world of perfume and cosmetics to compete with their global brands

Retal International Center for Fragrances cares , providing original products of global companies perfume and displayed the best prices

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In 2014 was inaugurated the first international Retal Perfumes center in Yemen in Hadramout province in Mukalla – market Mukalla Mall Rittal Center Perfumes & a subsidiary of Retal International Trading and General Contracting Cosmetics Exhibition, The opening of the center as one of the new commercial markets at the level of Hadramout province, and the Retal Center the import of a large number of diverse varieties of perfumes and cosmetics from a number of world countries from France, Turkey, India and Italy in addition to the products manufactured on brand of the Retal in the State of Kuwait and Turkey.

On the one hand through the center’s director and a representative of the company in Hadramout Brother / Hani Bazvara delighted inaugurate the center, which will convey a unique and new quality in the domestic market, where the Retal first center the one who opened at the level of Yemen, expressing the intention of the company inaugurate many branches in all regions and cities on the level Yemen, which will provide new and unique varieties in the coming days to the highest levels in all kinds of perfumes and cosmetics,  as well as incense and perfume the air conditioner and other external and global products.

The opening of Retal International Center for perfume market Mukalla Mall – site here Hadramout