Retal International  General Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd.


The Retal International General Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. as one of the national Yemeni companies outstanding in their work inside or outside Yemen since the beginning of its founding in 2013, and that date the company is working in sale and purchase of real estate, in the field of perfumes and cosmetics and a branch in the province of Hadramout ,Branch in Kuwait and operating in the automotive trade, engaged in livestock and honey trade and also there are several projects will be soon.

Therefore, the company is located by the great responsibilities of the most important satisfaction customers including offer them distinct acts, as well as the responsibility to maintain this excellence and responsibility of business development and updating of implementation methods and keep up with the times, which has become changing and progressing every day, but every moment and considered in this important priorities that added to the responsibilities of the company to its customers.